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Stellar Soft – A Developer Agency That Provides Commercial Support For Astrograph

Stellar is a Los Angeles developer agency that provides commercial support for Astrograph, an online marketplace for private aviation. Founded in 1985, Stellar has been helping businesses use technology to their advantage. They offer services in website development, marketing, design, hosting, and software development, as well as mobile app development, network management, and more. You can learn more about Stellar by reading our article. Here are some facts about Stellar Soft:

Stellar is a digital marketplace for private aviation

The Stellar ecosystem comprises real-time quotations, fleet management software, analytics and operator systems optimized for white label usage. Stellar Labs combines data science and aviation veterans to create the first digital marketplace for private aviation. With the help of this ecosystem, travelers and operators can instantly access thousands of available flights, without the need to manually check availability, make multiple reservations, or wait for hours to find an aircraft.

The digital marketplace for private aviation is built on the ARINCDirect flight operations system (FOS). The software is modular, incorporating crew scheduling, automated reporting, and third-party interface capabilities. The Stellar platform is offered free to operators without a need to be part of the Stellar aircraft pool. Instead, it generates revenue by taking a percentage of the charter transactions. In addition to flight booking, Stellar has integrated a secure payment app using fingerprint technology to authorize transactions. The processing fees are significantly lower than credit cards.

Stellar Soft is a developer agency

If you need web development services, StellarSoft is a good choice. We provide professional web development services for your business. We provide top quality services at a competitive rate. Our team of developers specializes in mobile apps, web sites, and custom software. We have a diverse portfolio of innovative products and solutions to meet your business needs. Let us build your next big project today! Read on to find out more about our services.

It provides commercial support for Astrograph

Stellar Soft has provided commercial support for Astrograph, a GraphQL interface to the Stellar blockchain. Astrograph has lowered the barrier to entry into the Stellar ecosystem while reducing development costs. More enterprises are investing in internal startups to diversify their businesses and remain competitive in the marketplace. While new products and services are possible within larger companies, they can take too long to develop and are unpredictable in results.

PERANSO period analysis software was created by Vanmunster, T., and Zacharias, N. Those authors are also responsible for the fourth US naval observatory CCD astrograph catalog. These authors contributed substantially to Astrograph, including improvements and bug fixes. Using the program has become a popular hobby for many. With commercial support from Stellar Soft, it has become an essential tool for astronomers.

It is a Los Angeles digital design agency

The Los Angeles-based digital design and developer agency Stellar Soft focuses on digital products and services. The firm’s team includes experts in digital strategy, user experience, interface design, and technology for mobile and web. With a focus on social media, Stellar offers a variety of services to help businesses achieve their digital goals. Here are some reasons to work with Stellar. Listed below are some of their highlights.

It offers a broad range of services

Stellar Soft Inc. is a premier outsourced design and development firm that specializes in custom software and product development. Their team of designers and developers uses cutting-edge technologies to reinvent the user experience. They partner with businesses around the globe and offer both ONSITE and OFFSITE models. The firm’s full range of developer services can help you realize your vision. These services range from web design to database development to link building.