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How to create a Counter-Strike team?

You consider yourself a leader and you are confident that you are able to create a team in the game Counter-Strike and lead it to the intended goal. Then remember, a team leader is a person who:

  • First owes everyone, and then everyone owes him;
  • Is an example for others, never gives up, always smiles and motivates people;
  • The leader of the pack, and those who are stronger than him, either leave or take his place;
  • Always stands up for his guys, even if they let him down;
  • Putting the success of the team ahead of his own ambitions and sympathies;
  • Responsible for his words and actions.

Remember, the captain is a responsibility and the most difficult position (success divided by five, and a mistake multiplied by five). So once again, think hard about whether you should create a team or join an existing one. Read on if you are a true leader and are ready for a long and difficult road. You can also use the CSGO NET resource to reward your team members.

Team goals

In order to create a CS team and bring people together, you first need a goal and an understanding of how to achieve it and what the role of a cohesive team is. It’s also important to assess the timeline for achieving that goal. The easiest initial goal is to put what you have already personally achieved in the game CS. You need to repeat the big way again, showing the team that it is possible and it was not an accident. This will motivate your team, because this is your first result together.

Goal number two is to show a new result, which you think is the next step of progress, and the final goal you set for yourself is something you can dream of, given your ambitions and capabilities. We can propose the following chain of seven steps of progress, starting with the very beginner of the game cs:

  • winning any tournament;
  • winning any tournament with over 16 players;
  • winning any lan championship;
  • winning at ASUS Non-Pro;
  • quota for ASUS Masters and similar qualifiers;
  • winning a tournament at ASUS Masters and similar qualifiers;
  • participate in an overseas championship; win an overseas championship.

If you are just a beginner – create a team to win the online championship. Get a stable squad that can train together for 2-3 months and achieve a result. After three months, if everything goes well, it’s time to move on to new high goals. If it doesn’t work out, you either need to quit the captaincy or set a new deadline to achieve the same current goal. If you’ve already won championships and played with a lot of people, you should have a mindset of winning a quota for a major national tournament.

Ambition is good, but never jump over your intended milestones. Even placing second twice in a tournament is far from first place, and it’s too early to move to the next level. If you’re teaming up with people you don’t know at all, it’s best to put in short weeks to prepare. Someone won’t fit you, and step-by-step you’ll remove the extra ones. When you’ve already tried everyone in the case and your team goals coincide, you can set longer deadlines – a month to three.

Try to meet the deadline, even if some players on the team clearly do not suit you (but they comply with all agreements). Finish the planned period, and it will let the other players know that they are playing in a stable lineup, and the agreements are not violated. For the next term, create new arrangements, perhaps better ones. If you want to find the best way to add originality to your team, you can use this website. There are many interesting products here that will help you solve this problem. That way your team can be transformed and become even better.