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Features of CMS Magento

For the successful functioning of the online store business, it is very important that the relationship between search engines and a commercial site is optimally built. Search algorithms are constantly changing, so the resource must be able to adapt to their updates, while changing its business strategy, and making it newer and more promising. SEO optimization is currently changing so fast that it is it that most strongly determines how successful a project will be. If the lifetime of a business plan for your resource is close to 6 months, and even more so to a year, then it hardly makes any sense and should be disposed of.

For this reason, CMS Magento can be called the best offer on the market for search optimization. It has open source code and many additional modules for installation, so Magento is very promising in terms of improvement and development. Website promotion on Magento gives its users the opportunity to take a leading position in the competition market. The latest updates of this CMS are equipped with functions for changing URLs to more understandable to people and search engines, generating a project map, caching and other tools for flexible management of all the necessary site parameters, which makes SEO promotion on Magento simple and convenient. Of course, there are limitations to Magento, because it, like any CMS, is not perfect. However, they can be dealt with by installing additional extensions.

Magento’s exclusive SEO features

A very useful feature in Magento is its feature, which allows you to make the page address convenient and enjoyable for customers and search engines. To do this, in the control panel, in the “Internet” section, find “Search Engine Optimization”, select “Use Web Server Rewriters” and confirm your choice. To use another useful function – Google maps, you need to go to the “Directory” section, then to “Google sitemap” and then click “Add sitemap”.

The third important feature available in Magento Enterprise will be caching the entire page. Any platform like Magento has its limitations, but it is Magento that can get rid of them. With the ability to cache the entire page, your site will work most productively, because it will significantly speed up its loading for visitors.

SEO restrictions in Magento

First of all, it is worth noting the limitations of Magento on performance. Due to the fact that Magento is an external interface engine, it needs good server software with enough resources. Productive data caching is also necessary. This is very important, because search engines, determining the rating of a site, pay very much attention to the time of its loading. Magento also needs to set canonical labels because the URL in this CMS is written without a slash. This causes caching of duplicate content, and search engines really dislike it. A new Google Farmer update generally fines projects if they have such a problem.

The standard Magento package has an empty robots.txt file. It allows you to give instructions to the search engine what exactly on your site it is allowed to index and what is not, so use the file correctly. This is also a huge plus for SEO on Magento. A large number of additional modules are created in order to significantly improve the SEO characteristics of Magento. The main positive quality of such extensions is the lack of the need for implementation in the main code. A striking example is SEO Suit Pro – an extension that allows you to optimize URLs, HTML headers, add tags and tags. It greatly expands the functionality of the site and improves the SEO effect on Magento.

Magento Website Hosting

Do not forget that the site will need to be hosted. An excellent hosting option for Magento can be found on this website https://justvps.com/.