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Accounting software for online store

What program is required for an online store? Of course, for online commerce accounting is no less important than for offline business. Look for a computer service to record all trading operations: sale, purchase, import/export of goods, record suppliers, prices and nomenclature. In addition, the software you choose should be suitable:

  1. to process any money transfers,
  2. to control the balance of funds, the possibility of discounts,
  3. sales statistics
  4. to work at an online box office.

Ideally, the accounting software can be synchronized with your online store. And for novice entrepreneurs will fit the option with an online showcase. Yes, some services provide such an opportunity – to create something like an online store on the basis of the accounting program. There are many different programs for the store. How to choose your own?

  • Choose the one that, along with the web version has applications for smartphones.
  • Choose the universal – one that is suitable for both clothing stores and wholesale spare parts. 
  • Choose one with a free period or trial version – first evaluate the product before paying for it.
  • note that the assortment is structured in a database – good if there are groups/subgroups. For an online store that works with a large assortment, this is important.
  • Is it possible to connect a barcode scanner to the program? And the online cash register? And the label printer? Is it worth saying: the more features the software has and the more synchronization features you can save. After all, you will not need to pay for additional software for the cashier’s workplace or for printing price tags.

The program https://precoro.com is designed to keep records of sales. Any report format is available in this service: finance, staff efficiency, consumer demand, sales rating. The owner is very convenient to identify the most problematic areas, mark the best employees, to highlight the period when the trade was the most profitable. This is a ready-made solution for online store automation, and it has already been chosen by tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, because any businessman will want to keep under control all the information about his business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Accounting in stock

The warehouse in the retail store is used to store inventory. After the receipt of new incoming goods, it does not immediately get to the shelves. Often, it is moved to storage. It is important to know how many goods and for what amount is in the warehouse. Receipt of goods is the initial stage of warehouse accounting. After checking the quality of incoming goods, the receipt procedure is performed. And then it is moved to storage.

Recording of sales and returns of goods

In trade, the sale of goods is made out by cash voucher. Every day the cashier-operator prepares a report, which reflects the amount of revenue per shift. According to this report, daily entries are made which reflect the amount of revenue. VAT is accrued for the month, as well as expenses for sales – rent, salary.

Automation of accounting in retail store

There are two ways to keep records in a retail store – manual and automated. Manual means keeping a record book, where all transactions are recorded. The books have been replaced by Excel spreadsheets. They have significantly accelerated the process of accounting. However, they are also seriously inferior to the new automated online systems. There is quite a wide range of online programs on the market. However, entrepreneurs should pay attention to complex automation systems. They cope with many tasks of trade business. They keep financial and trade records, automate the warehouse, integrate with online cash registers and allow to maintain a customer base.